Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sustainable Energy second midterm

Sustainable Energy
Midterm Exam

Professor Womersley

Due Monday April 25th in class

This is a take-home exam. Answer all questions, showing work where necessary to demonstrate skills or learning, diagrams if asked or if it helps. If you don’t know or can’t work out an answer, put down what you do know. You may research answers.  You may discuss them with the instructor. You may not confer with other students. Submit electronically, multiple files allowed including statistical files in JMP, Excel, or Smith’s. Use PowerPoint for posters unless alternately agreed with the instructor.

Exam is 20% of grade for class, 10% given for each problem below

Only one problem:

Create a cost analysis for an industrial wind farm for an appropriate Maine site. Specify make, model and installed cost of equipment, wind speed estimates (from wind maps), rated and actual power produced. Use a Weibull model. Provide simple payback and amortized (levelized) cost effectiveness calculations, including economic profits and levelized cost per watt. (Use an annuity model for amortized/levelized costs.)

(See me for help if you didn’t get enough practice doing all this in class or lab.)

Your blank Weibull model spreadsheet is available at

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