Monday, February 25, 2008

Monarchs of the Glen

A Highland breed steer at the Alladale reserve. Photo by the Reserve.

Five days to go before Unity College professors Aimee Phillippi, Amy Darcangelo, alumni Joe Darcangelo '07, and myself fly off together to Scotland to visit the Alladale Wilderness Reserve.

There's lots of interesting things to learn about the Highland landscape and ecology, some of which I know because I did my MS thesis there, writing a history of development issues in the region. The Maine landscape and the Highland one have much in common, although at 12 degrees of latitude further north, you would be surprised to learn the weather is warmer there than here.

Watch this space for more information and thoughts, possibly even as we travel, and photographs too. I hope to take a few good hikes with my camera. Aimee, who is a better photographer, will have hers.

For students, it may be interesting to know that we hope to set up a program whereby wildlife students visit the estate for internships and possibly short travel courses. Again, watch this space for more details.

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