Thursday, February 14, 2008

Recyclemania update

Week Two of Recyclemania is just getting done. We will be entering our numbers soon.

Remember, we only have 8 weeks more to do this after this. Please continue to work on your recycling efforts.

BTW, I now have a much better estimate of our trash weights, got by estimating the dumpster levels on Tuesday, just before they're emptied, as a percentage of full, and multiplying that by the yards in the dumpster and the average weight of the yards.

The number I got for last week using this system is 17,800 pounds of trash, which is much better than the 69,000/week I got from using Bolster's invoice numbers of 180 yards/month and 200 pounds a yard.

I did ask Roger to check to make sure Bolster's wasn't actually charging us for the trash they say we have. Aimee Sawyer looked into it and the billing system is more reasonable than that. We get charged per yard for the capacity of dumpsters we rent, and they give us a different charge for emptying them.


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