Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tipping points: conference report from the Guardian

Ice boulders left behind after a flood caused by the overflowing of a lake in Greenland. Photograph: Uriel Sinai/Getty images

I have to say that I think Mr. Sample, normally one of the better climate science journalists out there, mis-interpreted the science in this report of a conference held last week. The Guardian makes it seem like these nine areas themselves are the ones most at risk from the tipping points. In reality, the whole planet will be affected by any one of the nine, and no-one can safely predict how any two or three or four of them will work together in the system if more than one is involved.

But here it is. Read it and weep.

Global meltdown: scientists isolate areas most at risk of climate change
ming are spelled out

Ian Sample, science correspondent
The Guardian,
Tuesday February 5 2008

Scientists have long agreed that climate change could have a profound impact on the planet; from melting ice sheets and withering rainforests, to flash floods and droughts.

Now a team of climate experts has ranked the most fragile and vulnerable regions on the planet, and warned they are in danger of sudden and catastrophic collapse before the end of the century.

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