Saturday, February 12, 2011

I think I'm going to enjoy this movie

Here's a great quote from Solitaire Townsend, related to the Kahan et al reading:

"There are reams of evidence [showing] that we respond to messengers who are like us. If an advertising company wants to reach young women in cities, they'll put their message in the mouth of a young urban woman. If they want to reach rural farmers in the mid-west, that's who they'll use. It's not even questioned in advertising. But up until now there have been very few mid-western or southern messengers on climate action.

"The problem is that climate change is getting drawn into the culture wars. It is being wrapped up with a set of liberal values and that's a barrier to entry for conservatives. If you're not allowed to be pro-action on climate change unless you sign up to a set of other liberal values like being anti-guns and pro-abortion that's a huge barrier."

I found the trailer and the quote on this article here:

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