Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Name change for the blog?

I'm thinking about changing the title of this blog.

This deserves a little explanation.

Back when I started it, the intent was to highlight all of the hands-on work that Unity College does in sustainability, but particularly in agriculture and in energy, and to have a place to post informal writing that I often do on sustainability topics.

Back then, in December 2007, there were fewer of us working in sustainability at the college, and we didn't have the Sustech or Sustag degrees, the Center for Global Change and Sustainability, the Office of Sustainability, nor even Jesse Pyles, who runs the office.

So now we do have those things, at this point, my own involvement is limited to a small proportion of Sustainability Activities at Unity College.

Meanwhile, the Office of Sustainability has a very well-developed blog run by Jesse, Sara, Anne, and the large crew of student workers.

While this blog is now more limited in scope, involving primarily articles and movie postings required or recommended for the third year Environmental Sustainability classes, bulletins on renewable energy news in Maine and elsewhere, and my own writings both editorial and theoretical.

This doesn't mean to say that Sustainability Activities at Unity College has run it's course, or is becoming defunct.

It's just morphing. Evolution is natural. I wouldn't be much of a sustainability teacher if I couldn't tell when change was happening, and we're not just taking about global change.

So I'm trying to come up with a new title.

It will need to be Google search-able, and it should still reference both sustainability and probably Unity College, even if most of the postings are mine at this point. The blog gets a minimum of a thousand hits a month, and sometimes as many as three thousand.

If anything I'd like to increase the number of hits.

Recommendations for new titles can be posted in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

"a sustainable perspective from unity college"?
or, if you want to get really serious "Unity College Hearts Sustainability!!!! Lyke 4 Realz"

Jesse said...

"Suspectives: Sustainability perspectives from Unity College in Maine"

Mick said...

I decided on "Sustainability Thought and Deed."

I liked perspectives, but it seemed to rule out the deed thang.

I wanted deeds as well.

Jesse said...

Yeah . . . I like the "doing science" approach. I think "deed" gets at that . . . probably better than thoughts on doing science.

Sara T said...

Wow, Mick!

It's great to hear about the 1-3 thousand hits/month.

I'm impressed- and I can take credit for 3 or 4 of those.

Mick said...

Honest truth, guv...

The largest number of hits was 3700, in July 2010. But we haven't dropped below 1500 since March 2010.