Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What are denialists and shills for oil and coal most afraid of?

I just realized this, after writing yet another mildly grumpy email to yet another amateur lobbyist/hack for the oil and coal industry.

(As if they couldn't afford enough professional ones. Why do people sign up for this, for free?)

What they are most afraid, of, and what has already come to pass, is cost-effective renewable energy and energy efficiency!

Because the more investors, governments, and consumers realize that we don't need these polluting, mountaintop-removing, climate-ruining paleo-technologies, the quicker the apologists suddenly appear to be the dinosaurs they've always been.

The emperor has no clothes!

I keep saying this, but it's amazing to me how much money people are prepared to pay out for dirty energy that destroys the environment, when cheaper, cleaner energy is available.

Paying extra just to destroy the climate. Get 'er done!

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