Wednesday, October 7, 2015

General problems with EII written work

First and foremost: you must proof-read. To catch sentence level errors, proof-read aloud.

If you get distracted by your own beautifully-forged outline, read the last sentence aloud first, and then the second last and so on.

Major problems:
  1. No proof-reading
  2. No outline, or contradictory outline
  3. Sentence fragments
  4. Run-on sentences
  5. Multiple parenthetical phrases
  6. Comma splices
  7. Misuse of commas
  8. Repetitive words
  9. Tense choice problem
Minor problems:
  1. Spell out small numbers, eg "seven" not 7. Large numbers eg "$10,000", are fine.
  2. Comma after prepositional phrase
  3. Its versus it's
  4. There versus their

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