Monday, October 26, 2015

Physics final project

From Janet's syllabus:

Final Project: In the lab portion of the class you will create a Final Project. The project should involve something you are especially interested in or perhaps something you need.  The idea is to demonstrate or explain the physics behind your special interest or need.  For example, if you have a particular activity that you do, find the physics involved.  It might be rock climbing, canoeing, soccer, or biking.  If you are artistic, you might create an art project illustrating physical principles. If you like animals, you might explain the forces at work on an animal or animal part. If you like to build things, you might create a machine that performs a task. You might also like to “hack” a repair or modification to a broken machine, appliance, or vehicle to make it work again, do something different, or last longer. You may work together with someone else, a small group, or alone, but all projects will be demonstrated to classmates, and all participants must be able to explain during the demonstration what their particular contribution was. Be sure to talk your ideas over with the lab instructor, who has a workshop for you to use, lots of experience making and fixing things, as well as tools, parts, and special shop equipment, all of which may help. (You need permission and training to use the shop tools. It also takes a few weeks to order parts, so be sure to plan ahead.)

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