Friday, April 26, 2013

Naming and shaming

Elsewhere on this blog over the years I've opined that one day there may become a tremendous reckoning for the purveyors of climate denial. Given that people are already losing their homes and being injured or dying to the additional or more intense extreme weather events we're already getting, and given the massive financial impact on ordinary people and businesses such as insurance that are exposed to massive losses, and given that matters are already worse than they need to be, due to the corruption and intransigence of denialist funders like the Koch brothers, or denialist political leaders like Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma, it's not unreasonable to imagine a future public so outraged by what has happened that new laws are passed, or methods found using old laws, to throw the bums in jail.

The best comparison seems to me to be with those isolationists and appeasers who thought that Adolf Hitler was just another German patriot we could do business with.

This day is not yet upon us, but at least the Obama political machine is trying to get the message out. See the new video below.

Ordinarily I don't post party political material on this blog, but to me this is no longer political.

It's a conflict of reason and science against corruption and bigotry.

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