Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorting the sheep from the goats

Womerlippi ram Bentley looks carrot-faced

Yesterday's horrific post from North Wales notwithstanding, the Womerlippi farmers are still optimistic for a good lambing season. Our ewes seem to have been walking around with their legs firmly crossed for some time now. Students, faculty and staff of the Unity CommUnity continually ask whether we have have lambs yet, and the answer so far is "no."

We blame our older ram Bentley, pictured above. Although he was "sold on" to a new farm last year, the long wait we're having (a week overdue now) suggests he didn't make it around his flock very quickly last fall. We know, from the size of things, that he eventually succeeded.

But he clearly took his time, or lambs would be here by now.

Alumna and member of the UC Board of Trustees Gloria Sosa, who has a high-level job with the EPA but, I suspect, is a closet shepherd, sent the following dispatch from Paris (apparently a quite nice place that ordinary people and even professors are allowed to go to, if they don't keep sheep and thus tie themselves down to small patches of grass in Maine).

In other news, I am told my presence is required at a pie-throwing event today. Apparently I'm an expensive target, and so students are willing to line up and pony up three dollars to the Class of '13 gift fund, all for the privilege of hitting my face with a pie!

I have mixed feelings about all this, since my ego has been feeling slightly bruised by the high pace of work this season.

But, since it's all in a good cause, and since SAR President Paige talked me into it....


I did prohibit one student, a military veteran with rather large biceps, who may not know his own strength, from attending.

But all others are welcome.

Sort of.

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