Saturday, April 6, 2013


The Great Senior Gift Pie Shoot-off yesterday was a roaring success, especially for the fake whipped creme industry. Here the esteemed Doctor Phillippi gets a fine face-full.

I hear however, that the "creme" wasn't organic and contained GMO foods.


Here is my wonderful spouse again, making sure I too get a good face-full. Should have drafted that pre-nup, but it's too late now. Way too late.

I believe that is Ms. Barnes there, taking the shot. I hate to say it, but it's a very good shot.
Most students did not have such good aim.

Ducking and weaving allowed, but not dodging -- you're not allowed to move your feet. You may also hurl insults at the thrower, or even the passers-by, in the hope that will get them to pony up their money for a pie. 

Beth Arnold was the best insult-hurler by far. I don't have a picture. If any student shot a short movie clip with sound track, I'd love to have it for the blog.

Of course, the secret psychology of a pie-fest fund-raiser is that students only really want to pie the most popular faculty and staff. Getting an invitation to be pied for a good cause by students that you've loaded with homework and assignments for as much as four years is therefore a kind of inverted honor.

All in a good cause. Congratulations to the Class of 2013, and good luck in your future careers (even if you can't throw a pie to save your life).

But you still have to pass my exam in Global Change before you get to walk across the stage.

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