Monday, February 10, 2014

Class project option

Can be used in either PS 3003 Sustainable Energy or EC 2003 Economics of Resource Conservation and Sustainability. See me or Molly Cronin for details.

Nokomis and Unity Research Partnership

The 9th grade physical science class at Nokomis Regional High School will be exploring alternative energy and creating proactive plans for different countries and regions. They will need to research what methods are currently being used by the region for energy, if that could be improved or replaced by something more efficient, and what forms of alternative energy would best suit that region. Part of the project is to contact someone in the field or a professional contact, essentially a more "knowledgeable other." I am proposing that Unity College students become the more knowledgeable other and assist in the Nokomis students’ research.

The Unity College (UC) Student will provide answers to the questions asked by Nokomis 9th graders regarding alternative and renewable energy with an accurate and detailed response. Along with an answer, the UC student will use and share an appropriate source.

Sample Questions:
"Are there enough direct hours of sunlight annually to support solar panels in Iceland?"
"How much energy is supplied yearly by wind power in Spain?"
"Is the coast of Brazil deep enough to have tidal generators?"

How to participate:
If you wish to participate in this partnership or have questions related to the assignment please send Molly Cronin ( an email. I will need your response and commitment by Monday February 24, 2014.

In order to filter questions efficiently, it would be best if there were a few “experts” on these types of energy:

When you agree to participate, please give me your number one and number two topics of interest.

All communication between Unity College students and Nokomis High School students will be professional, appropriate and only related to the energy project. Any misconduct should be reported to me, your instructor, or to the Nokomis teacher Ms. Katie Thompson. This email relationship must end April 10, 2014.

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