Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Photos from Monday"s wind power field trip in PS3003 Sustainable Energy Lab

Photographer was Clark Crawford

At Ervin Hochstetler's wind turbine work shop: A wind compressor power head.

Ervin and I explain the machinery

Another look at the power head

One of Ervin's DC battery-charging power heads on the bench

Ervin's home Winpressor turbine running strong in a cold stiff breeze

His home-built battery-charging turbine

At the MOFGA 10 kW Bergey

The 10kW Bergey in full perspective

I explain the inverter system


A drive-by look at MOFGA's solar thermal hot water system, designed and built by engineer Jay LeGore

Beaver Ridge Wind's General Electric 3 X 1.5 mW  wind farm

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