Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The real work...

SEM near-graduate Ben Holt, of whom much more is expected, produced this awesome video about TerraHaus, with help from philosophy and media studies professor John Zavodny.

The kind of cutting-edge renewable energy and building design and construction work Ben highlights in this movie is what I call the real work (misusing a phrase from American beat poet Gary Snyder).

It contrasts starkly with the mainstream approach, both at other colleges and universities, and in mainstream construction and energy businesses.

(The media studies work isn't half bad either!)

A personal note: When the movie was first shown, I worried about the potentially annoying screensaver slides flashing on my computer desktop. I wondered if they were distracting. But now I think it adds. Ben, who is wise beyond his years, cuts away before it gets too much, and the slides demonstrate that the TerraHaus is not a one-off.

It's what we do.

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