Monday, February 10, 2014

Students' questions about economics, part two

I ordered the questions in categories for easier analysis:

Questions we have about modern economics: 

Questions about corporations and the business world:
  • Are corporations overall a political, ethical, criminal, environmental problem?
  • Does business really self-regulate?
  • Is competition really fair, egalitarian, and efficient?
Questions about economics, sustainability and the environment in general:
  • How do we protect the environment?
  • Is growth compatible with environmental protection?
  • Does it make sense to worry about sustainability as an individual?
  • Where is renewable energy in all this? 
Questions about economics and human well-being:
  • Is ever increasing money wealth good for people, communities, and countries?
  • What effects does economics, consumerism, and industrialization have on the psyche?
Questions about economics itself:
  • Do economies really need to continue to grow exponentially?
  • Does trickle-down economics really make any sense?
  • How much of modern economics is scientific? How much is a self-serving mythology? 
 Questions about American political economy and the social system:
  • How much does this (economics) affect our politics?
  •  Will the middle class survive as we know it? And should we actually want it to?
  • If we don't tax the wealthy and can't otherwise control them or use them usefully what do we do with them? 
  • Can/should the government cap wealth?
  • Should money equal power?
  • Citizens United - does it change our ability to regulate corporations and elites?
  • Leadership - how do we get change?
  • Where is education in all this?
  • Is personal debt a form of social control?
  • Can we change the definition of wealth?
The ultimate question (?):
  • Economics: What lies beyond?

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