Thursday, April 3, 2008

GAO study pans land managers for lack of climate change thought

The Government Accounting Office has issued a report saying federal land managers are not prepared to deal with climate change. Another in the "how many times have we said this one" depertment. In particular, I've repeated this refrain at the beginning of every Human Ecology/Environmental Sustainability class for at least six years. I have to say, even with Unity students it sometimes falls on deaf ears. The larger the pick-up truck, the less willing to listen, is what we tend to discover. Chainsaw-and-hoof, hook-and-bullet land managers, you gotta love 'em, a great American tradition. Seriously. Without their efforts where would we be? But where will we be in 30 years if they don't learn and learn fast?

Forest fire, drought, flood, invasive species,
low snow pack, glacial retreat, melting permafrost, rising sea level, more hurricanes, more tornadoes, etc, etc. Ecosystems are changing everywhere. It is already difficult, and very soon will no longer be possible, to be a good professional land manager on the north American continent, and not be able to process and apply climate change knowledge. Which is why, at "America's Environmental College," climate change is required for all students and has been since 2000.

But don't take my word for it that land managers need climate change. This time it's in the newspaper:

“Resource managers we interviewed ... said that they are not aware of any guidance or requirements to address the effect of climate change, and that they have not received direction regarding how to incorporate climate change into their planning activities,” the GAO report said.

Oh boy. Maybe they should learn to THINK FOR THEMSELVES!

Read it and weep.
Thanks to Trustee Tim Glidden for making my day.

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