Monday, April 21, 2008

Towel Triumph

The following data on our new paper towel dispensers may be interesting.

Thanks to Keith, the Custodian Crew, and the CRAP Crew for all their efforts on reducing waste, green cleaning, and recycling.

It also makes my life a lot nicer to have Keith and his staff stepping up to the plate. And what great self-starters!


Your very happy Sustainability Director.

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I finished working the numbers on paper towels, since we have switched to the new towel dispensers we have used 515 fewer rolls this year. This is a 27% reduction and a $1627.40 savings. This number would have been better but we didn’t make the switch until October of this year. These 515 rolls equals a little over 1 ton. According to the research I did on line to make 1 ton of paper it takes 7000 gals of water, 17-31 trees, and 4000 kwh of electricity. It also places 60 pounds of pollutants in the air.


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