Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scrap call....

April 14, 2008

Subject: Got Scrap Metal?

Got Scrap Metal?

Don’t waste a piece, recycle it!

You can get rid of the junk for cheap at the Metal Recycling Bin on the Crosby Brook Road open the first Saturday of every month!

Scrap metal is a really broad category, but most of it will only cost you a dollar to get rid of. For a one-time fee of $1.00 you can dispose of a variety of items.

Such metal items as:

Stoves, water tanks, water pumps, scrap metal, pipes, fencing, bikes, metal furniture, file cabinets, storm doors, window frames, metal toys, shop metal, tools, lawnmowers, tanks, drums, and cylinders.

Have a refridgerator, freezer or air conditioner? For a $15.00 handling fee you can get rid of your cooling equipment and be environmentally friendly!

Don’t throw away your Scrap Metal, recycle it! Take your Scrap Metal to the Metal Recycling Bin Located on the Crosby Brook Road. The Metal Recycling Bin will accept most of these items for a one-time charge of just one dollar! Dispose of your Scrap Metal in responsible and environmentally friendly way! Make a difference in your world!

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42 Murdock Dr. UC Box 487

Unity, ME 04988

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