Friday, April 4, 2008

RIP, Windy the wind turbine, and Mick eats his words (again)

The original crew raise the turbine in 2004

Contrary to the oracular tone of my comments below, today I had to apologize for my lack of intelligent foresight. Our little wind turbine, which has stood up to everything the weather could throw at it for nearly four years, has blown apart in the gales. This after Sara told me it was acting up.

Moron, Womersley.

So it's RIP for our humble home-built turbine. It had a good run, and gave satisfaction, learning and enjoyment to many generations of Unity students and Eco-cottagers. I still think the basic design was pretty useful for a $350-$400 investment, and it was primarily my own foolishness that destroyed it in the end. Had we quickly dismantled it when Sara first worried, we might still have all the pieces to use. But then again, it that gale, that would have been perhaps a more dangerous operation than letting it blow itself apart.

I guess we will just have to build another, probably different kind to test. Ideas, please. And possible donations, to

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