Friday, December 14, 2007

Friends Camp project

This project request below would make a very good hands-on final project for students next semester, especially those in Economics of Resource Conservation and Sustainability. See me for details.


Friends Camp, a small Quaker youth camp in South China, Maine, is looking
for one or two Unity College students to look at our energy needs and to
develop plans to reduce the camp‚s energy consumption. The camp is open
from May 1st to October 15th and has a very high people usage of 120
campers and staff members from June 20 to August 20th.

Friends Camp has three energy vendors: Central Maine Power (electricity)
Dead River Company (Propane) and Frontier Oil (Oil).

 Electricity needs are for: hot water for a dishwasher, three showers,
refrigeration, room fans, ceramics kilns, lights, and office equipment.

 Propane gas is use for cooking (One stove and one oven)

 Oil is use for heating hot water for 12 camper showers and 8 sinks.
(During some winter‚s we have used oil to heat one of our building‚s for
the use of a year around caretaker)

Current 12 month energy costs:

Oil $2,481
Propane $1,675
Electricity $5,534


What is the best option - solar electric or solar hot water system?

What are the up front costs for these systems?

What is the pay back period for the cost of these energy saving systems
(Using the State of Maine incentives)?

What other steps can help us reduce; propane, electric, and oil use?

Some ideas are:
 low energy bulbs
 energy efficient fans in our refrigeration units (we have 8
 motion sensor switches on lights
 new room fans
 new energy star equipment

Can you look at the costs of these ideas and offer additional ideas to save

If you are interested in this project please contact your professor and
call or e-mail Nat Shed at Friends Camp ˆ or
207-873-3499. Please see our web page for more information about Friends


Nat Shed
Friends Camp - Winter Address
25 Burleigh Street
Waterville, ME 04901
Phone/Fax 207-873-3499 -

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