Saturday, December 15, 2007

The HESA and I

I shouldn't take life so personally, Aimee is always telling me, but I feel vaguely guilty about the fact that this bill might pass. After years of struggling in the wilderness, it was (almost) a complete surprise to find my concerns and profession becoming so mainstream recently (I knew sort of theoretically that it had to happen eventually, but it was still a surprise), and so to get my very own US federal government boondoggle on top of that would almost be too much, even if I had to share it with growing hordes of brand spanking new sustainability professors. (Get in line, newbies!)

In reality, of course, this is just seed money, when considered in proportion to the vast problem of educating for climate change and sustainability, and it's time for me to get over the whole "voice in the wilderness" thing already. I think I can do that. I really do...

Update on the Higher Education Sustainability Act:

HESA (S.2444), which authorizes $50 million in funding for higher education sustainability programs, was introduced Tuesday morning in the Senate by Senator Patty Murray. HESA is co-sponsored by Senators Bingaman, Dodd, Kennedy, and Kerry, and supporters continue to look for Republican co-sponsorship to keep HESA as bi-partisan as possible. The House is expected to vote in mid-January on the College Opportunity and Affordability Act (HR 4137) that reauthorizes the Higher Education Act and also includes HESA. If it passes, then the conference between the House and Senate, which will decide if HESA makes it into the final bill, should occur shortly thereafter. Please endorse HESA and reach out to your Congressional delegation, if you haven’t already, and thank you for all you have done to help HESA get this far.

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