Thursday, December 20, 2007

Heat Geeks:

Guardian picture of the results of an infra-red camera survey. This is a good way to find poorly insulated and leaking places in your home. Infra-red cameras are expensive, though. A simple laser thermometer, for about $40, will give you the same data, only more slowly.

Fresh from another round of household energy improvements myself, this article resonated. (I keep finding new places to add insulation to our old farmhouse.) Graduates of our proposed new degree program would be qualified to do this work in their third year. This would be the kind of summer work or internship we would help them at that point, perhaps doing energy audits for our own Maine Housing energy efficiency programs. Of course, as liberal studies degree holders, with writing, organizing, and other leadership skills, they'd be qualified for much more, particularly to design, plan, fund, implement and supervise these kinds of programs, after completion of the bachelor's degree, and after a few year's experience in the profession. Write me at for more information, or click on the program link to the left of the blog.

Cold comfort
A new service aims to make reducing heat loss in your home an almost effortless experience. Esther Addley invites a 'green concierge' to inspect her draughts

Esther Addley
The Guardian,
Thursday December 20 2007
It was after dreaming about my family dying of exposure in an Alaska snowdrift that I decided my insulation really needed attention. I've recentl moved to a house I am very happy with in every aspect apart from one: it' cold. And I mean, very cold. It is fantastically cold, in fact, the kind of cold tha creeps up your neck and hurts your scalp, requiring hot water bottles and wooll hats and multiple cardigans just to get through the evening

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