Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shots for sheep...

Unity College's small farm includes a herd of Hampshire sheep. There are four bred ewes, or "yows" in Yorkshire dialect. They need vaccinations six to four weeks before birth against clostridium species bacteria. We used the opportunity to instruct students in the UC FFA Farm club and the Wildlife Care and Education Program in the proper procedure. The sheep are seated on the "small" of their back, if sheep have such a spot. They are then effectively immobilized, and hoof-trimming, dung-tagging, and shearing all use this position, which does not hurt the animal.


John Z said...

Hey Mick and friends,
Great pics of the sheep. There's a rumor going around that Mick has demonstrated quite a soft spot for the woollen critters. I think the quote attributed to Mick was "What a good sheep. You're a good sheep, aren't you!" Very endearing.

Nice work and nice blog. It's great to see what Unity College is up to in the way of sustainability.


Mick said...

Yorkshiremen like sheep. In a good way. It's a known fact.