Friday, December 21, 2007

Sara and the Saga of the Chicken Tractor

Unity graduating senior Sara wanted to bring her home chickens to campus and keep them close to the Eco-Cottage, where she hangs out, so she could keep an eye on them. She designed a full program of chicken care, based around a chicken tractor, which she designed and built herself. We displayed the tractor at the MOFGA Common Ground Fair, where it got a lot of attention, including interest from the editor of Organic Gardening magazine, who later wrote and asked us for a picture. Jake took a great one that didn't make it in the magazine, but here it is.

Sara just wrote, "A couple photos of the chicken tractor made it into the Dec-Feb MOFGA newspaper, with mention of the College!"

"People can't get enough..."

Definitely. I agree. Everyone should get one for Christmas.

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