Saturday, December 8, 2007

Visit the Grease Car Clubhouse

A bunch of students, including Sara, Jake, Chris and Will, to name just the ones I know about, have grease vehicles that they design, build and maintain themselves. The college's waste grease bins don't get emptied by the recyclers anymore, but by the students. What happens to the bins, which I believe belong to the company, when the company figures this out, is a good question, but fortunately not my problem. Jake, Chris and Will recently got interviewed by the regional daily about their grease monkeying here. As soon as someone sends me a good grease car picture, I will post it for y'all.

BTW, Sara's former grease truck was used to transport one of our famous Jimmy Carter Solar Panels to the Carter Center and carter presidential Library in Atlanta GA, where it will be displayed as a memento of the Carter energy policy. Two Swiss videographers accompanied Sara and Jason who drove the grease truck down there, and made a movie about it which you can see here.


Idabelle said...

Sarah, Jake, Chris and Will,

I have had problems keeping my grease warm in cool/cold weather... How do you deal?


Belfast, ME
Prescott College

mainiacjake said...

What do you mean by "keeping the grease warm"? Warm enough to burn in the car, or warm enough to filter, or is it solidifying or just getting thick?